A New Day: Vitamins Taken A Different Way

There are many reasons why people may avoid vitamins—“they taste bad”, “they’re too hard to swallow”, or “they just don’t absorb”, to name a few. According to the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Americans obtaining their vitamins and minerals from diet alone are below the estimated average requirement for folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium and others.

We all know that, unfortunately, our diets don’t always give us the nutrients we need. Vitamins have always been an option to provide extra nutritional “insurance” often needed to balance the nutrients available in your daily diet. More recently different forms have become available besides your traditional pill, tablet or softgel form. These forms add variety, taste and convenience to your commitment to health:

Gummies are tasty way to fill the nutrient gaps that may be missing from your diet. There are a variety of gummy options available in your favorite store! Make sure to read the label to ensure you are receiving the dose you desire. Remember gummy vitamins are not candy so don’t be tempted to consume more than the recommended dose.

The word sublingual literally means “under the tongue”. This vitamin form is designed to dissolve in combination with the saliva in your mouth, so that it can be easily swallowed, making for a pleasant-tasting, convenient way to take your vitamins. A common sublingual vitamin is vitamin B12.

Mini vitamins, like Nature Made’s Full Strength MINI softgels, are a great way for people with difficulty swallowing larger pills to improve their nutrient intake. Available in sizes 28 to 42% smaller than the original softgel, these vitamins still pack the same amount of vitamins and minerals as their original forms.

The chewables remain an important option in your vitamin regimen. Originally created with kids in mind, this form of vitamins is great for those who prefer not to swallow tablets/pills. Nature Made offers children’s’ and adult’s chewable vitamin D3, as well as vitamin C and chocolate flavored energy chews.

In a pinch, with no water to wash vitamins down, vitamin drinks are another alternative to traditional multivitamins. Ranging from basic vitamins in sweetened, flavor enhanced bottled water to your caffeine and energy packed shot of nutrients, you can find these drinks almost anywhere. Some packets can even be added to a plain glass of water.

A novel idea that once started with zinc-enhanced throat lozenges, vitamin lozenges are a flavorful way of taking your vitamins. Sucking on the treat-like lozenge, you get your daily vitamins and minerals in a flavorful, no-water-needed way—just be sure to stop after the recommended dose!

There are so many ways to get your vitamins. People with a variety of preferences and abilities can find what works for them and fill nutrient gaps to meet their metabolic needs. Try Nature Made’s new Adult Gummies, Full Strength MINIs and Sublinguals and learn what works best for you.